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1. Nail Technician Curriculum ( 350 hours)

Basic Training : 50 hours
Related Concepts :15 hours
Practices & Procedures : 255 hours
Business Practices : 30 hours
Total Hours : 350 hour

This program provides the students with a basic knowledge on nail technology, which includes:
professional image, bacteria and other infectious agents, sanitation and disinfection, and safety in the
salon. In addition, the school helps the
students to learn the science of nail technology. In the theory
part of this course
the students will learn the basics of chemicals, anatomy and physiology, and the
nail/skin disorders. Finally, the students will learn the skills needed to perform doing: nail tips, wraps,
acrylic nails, gels, no chip manicure, etc



2. Nail Technology Teacher Curriculum (625 hours)

Post Graduate Training: 125 hours
Educational Psychology: 20 hours
Teaching Methods (Theory): 20 hours
Application of Teaching Methods: 150 hours
Business Methods :50 hours
Student Teaching: 260 hours
Total Hours: 625 hours

Students will learn the theory behind teaching strategies in classroom, practice floor, and auditorium
settings. Topics covered include: learning styles, classroom management, teaching aids and others.
Students will then have an opportunity to guest-teach an actual theory class and instruct on the
school’s clinic floor. These activities will be under the supervision of our staff. - All applicants must
have 2 years prior experience as a licensed cosmetologist or licensed nail technician to be qualified for
our program.



3. Continuing Education

America Nail College is an authorized provider for all your Illinois Nail Technology License

Renewal requirements.

We can also provide cosmetologists with 2 hours of training that is good for fulfilling their
Illinois requirements as well. Talk to an admissions representative for more details.

According to a new law, a one-hour course on Domestic Violence is required for all
cosmetologists including nail technicians and their educators.

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