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Q.) How much is the program?

A.) Tuition & fees: $2,900.00 covers the cost of instruction, and supplies.


Q.) How long will it take me to complete this program?

A.) The program is 350 hours long. Completion times vary per the schedule of thestudent.But we have noticed an average completion time of 5 months. – Please note, it is possible to complete the program in as little as 3 months.


Q.) What is the class schedule?

A.) Theory class - Mon 9am – 11am, Wed 4pm – 6pm

     Clinic hours – Mon, Tues, Wed 9am – 6pm, Thurs, Fri 9am – 8pm


Q.) Can America Nail College help me get a job after graduation?

A.) ANC fields calls from salon owners/managers who are interested in our graduates.

We canmake contact information available upon student request.


Q.) Can ANC help me pay for the program?

A.) We offer monthly payment plans with easy terms. Please talk with an admissions

representative so we can determine an installment schedule that is beneficial to everyone.


Q.) I do not speak English very well. How can I pass the test?

A.) Successful ANC graduates come from a variety of backgrounds and English proficiency

levels. We have noticed that the best students all did the same thing: read the book in its entirety and asked a lot of questions during Theory classes. We highly recommend that all students do the same.


Q.) What is the enrollment process?

A.) Visit the school during clinic hours (Mon ~ Wed, 9 AM ~ 6 PM Thurs ~ Fri, 9AM ~ 8AM) to speak a staff for a tour and payment arrangements, and fill out some paperwork. That’s it.

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